Fellows in the News: Berke, Bernheimer, Blesso, Cathcart, Dykers, Ferrandino, Gardner, Jones, Portman, & Wong

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Bentonville’s 21c Museum Hotel, designed by Deborah Berke, broke ground last month; Urban Omnibus visited Matthew Berman’s BLDG 92 museum and visitors center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard; Andrew Bernheimer and his sister Kate, an award-winning fairy tale author, collaborated on a three-part series of posts at Places Journal that gives architectural form to famous fairy tale houses; Matt Blesso and Mark Gardner were both interviewed as part of openhousenewyork’s “I Am OHNY” series; NYC Media released a video extolling the virtues of Colin Cathcart’s Greenhouse Project at Manhattan’s P.S. 333; the first renderings of a curvaceous new Maggie’s Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland, designed by Craig Dykers, made a splash; Vince Ferrandino is leading the effort to build a solid transition team for Mount Vernon, New York’s mayor-elect Ernie Davis; Mary Margaret Jones led a public forum on Hargreaves Associates’ new plan for Richmond’s James Riverfront; John Portman has opened a new office in Hong Kong–his fourth in Asia, after Shanghai, Seoul, and Mumbai; and it’s not every day that you can see a Fellow’s work in a big-screen blockbuster, but the ASLA’s The Dirt recently pointed out that John Wong’s Burj Khalifa Park has something of a “starring role” in the new Mission Impossible movie!

Fellows’ Awards & Honors: Berke, Boddy, David, Sassen, & Wong

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The Kentucky Society of Architects presented Deborah Berke with one of their 2011 Honor Awards for the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville; “Mega + Micro: Canada, Invention at the Extremes,” by Trevor Boddy, has been shortlisted for the best architectural criticism published worldwide in the past three years for the 2011 CICA Awards; Theo. David’s Gladstonos 22 housing development (pictured at left) has been shortlisted in the housing category of the 2011 World Architecture Festival; Board Member Saskia Sassen was named as the first Visiting Fellow of Indiana University’s Framing the Global project; and John Wong’s SWA Group was announced as the winner of a competition to re-design the downtown lakefront in the rapidly-developing city of Suzhou, China.

Fellows In the News: Berke, Brown, Dubbeldam, Dykers, Fain, Holl, Katz, Pollak, Portman, Sennett, & Wong

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The New York Times went shopping for coffee tables with Deborah Berke; AECOM Chief Innovation Officer Joseph Brown commented on his firm’s new partnership with IBM’s Smarter Planet Initiative; the Shanghai flagship of retailer Ports 1961, designed by Board Member Winka Dubbeldam, has just opened; Toronto’s Ryerson University revealed renderings of an eye-catching new building by Craig Dykers‘ Snøhetta (pictured at left); William Fain served on the jury of this year’s AIA Pennsylvania Design Excellence Awards, which were presented this past week; Patron Steven Holl’s athletic center for Columbia in Inwood was recently approved by the city; Apartment Therapy Boston featured Deborah Grossberg Katz’s “A Cabin in a Loft” project; the Lynn University Performing Arts Center, designed by Herbert Newman, is featured in the March 2011 issue of American School & University Magazine [PDF]; Linda Pollak reviewed NYC’s new High Performance Landscape Guidelines in Topos 74 [PDF]; construction has begun on John Portman’s newest hotel in Shenzhen; Richard Sennett was announced as one of the jurors for the Watermill Center’s International Residency Program; and John Wong’s SWA Group will be designing a new park around an historic schoolhouse in Milpitas, CA.

Fellows in the News: Blaik, Gorlin, Libeskind, Palmieri, Safdie, Sennett, Sheffer, Stepner, Walker, & Wong

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Detroit is abuzz with talk about Omar Blaik’s revitalization plan for the historic Midtown neighborhood, which recently got extensive write-ups from the Detroit News and the Free-Press; the latest issue of Dwell features a two-page spread on Alexander Gorlin’s The Brook development in the Bronx; a torquing tower designed by Daniel Libeskind will soon join a new cluster of skyscrapers rising in Jerusalem; John Palmieri recently visited Belfast as a guest lecturer for the city’s State of the City Development Debate; the Architect’s Newspaper recently visited Moshe Safdie’s studio for a look at his current projects, while the Huffington Post featured a slideshow of the architect’s daring Golden Dream Bay Sky Garden Apartments in Qinhuangdao; Richard Sennett wrote an article in the Guardian on the recent funding scandal at the London School of Economics; New York magazine talked to Ethel Sheffer about the uniquely depressing quality of long-vacant storefronts in newer buildings; Michael Stepner spoke to the Voice of San Diego about the challenges presented by “invisible parks”; construction is just getting underway to transform a disused stretch of Sydney’s waterfront into the 15-acre Headlands Park, designed by Peter Walker; and HuffPo visited the serenely swooping gardens (pictured at left), designed by John Wong, at the base of the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.