Quoth the Fellows

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

In an article looking at the politics of New York’s MTA subway construction in The Indypendent, Tom Angotti commented, “from a long-term planning perspective, the only rationale is real estate development.” The most recent issue of MAS Context features an essay by Patron Denise Scott Brown, who writes that “America is far more different from Europe than most visiting Europeans realise. This is in part due to the emigrants’ search for a new world, which they defined as the counterform to the unsatisfactory old world.” As the New York Times examined the strange bedfellows of starchitecture and the recession, Board Member Enrique Norten opined, “Developers were not just looking for architecture brand, they were looking for any brand. Of course I love Mick Jagger, but does that make a good apartment?”  In a Times op-ed exploring architectural writing, Board Chair Michael Sorkin’s 1985 description of the Whitney Museum (pictured at left) – “to which are affixed the winning ‘eyebrow’ windows, apt symbols of museum going” – is lauded as an exemplary piece of criticism.

Safdie’s Son Takes Starchitecture Off-Broadway

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

It’s not every day that architecture takes center stage in the theater world, but a play written by Fellow Moshe Safdie’s son Oren, The Bilbao Effect, which takes a tragicomic look at the psychological effects of statement buildings and so-called “starchitecture,” opened last Wednesday at the Center for Architecture. The show will run through June 5th, 2010.