Fellows in the News: Balfour, Balsley, Berman, Coen, Dykers, Fleming, Floyd, Flint, Libeskind, Schrag, & White

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture, led by Alan Balfour, recently completed the $9.5 million renovation of their new home, the Hinman Research Building, in Atlanta; Thomas Balsley and Shane Coen will both serve on the jury for ASLA’s 2011 Student Awards; Construction of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s BNYC 92 facility, designed by Matthew Berman, is in full swing, and the building will open in November 2011; Craig Dykers’ Snøhetta has been shortlisted in the competition to design the Victoria & Albert’s Exhibition Road expansion; Newport’s lavish Bellevue Avenue has been enlivened by a series of Heritage Trail-esque markers by Ronald Lee Fleming’s Townscape Institute; Chad Floyd recently penned a paean to energy efficiency at Jetson Green; Anthony Flint joined the debate about a “new kind of Modernism” at ArchitectureBoston; The NY Observer interviewed Daniel Libeskind about his continued involvement in the reconstruction process at the World Trade Center; Jonathan Schrag spoke to Risk.net about the future of carbon trading in the US; and Henry M. White will design a new network of public spaces at a planned neighborhood in Chandigarh, India (pictured at left).