Quoth the Fellows

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

In an article looking at the politics of New York’s MTA subway construction in The Indypendent, Tom Angotti commented, “from a long-term planning perspective, the only rationale is real estate development.” The most recent issue of MAS Context features an essay by Patron Denise Scott Brown, who writes that “America is far more different from Europe than most visiting Europeans realise. This is in part due to the emigrants’ search for a new world, which they defined as the counterform to the unsatisfactory old world.” As the New York Times examined the strange bedfellows of starchitecture and the recession, Board Member Enrique Norten opined, “Developers were not just looking for architecture brand, they were looking for any brand. Of course I love Mick Jagger, but does that make a good apartment?”  In a Times op-ed exploring architectural writing, Board Chair Michael Sorkin’s 1985 description of the Whitney Museum (pictured at left) – “to which are affixed the winning ‘eyebrow’ windows, apt symbols of museum going” – is lauded as an exemplary piece of criticism.

Fellows in the News: Blesso, David, di Domenico, Dubbeldam, Flint, Gans, Ginsberg, Hoal, Lancaster, McKinney, Sorkin, Stepner, Strauss, Walker, & White

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The New York Times and WNYC both featured write-ups of last week’s Making Room symposium, which featured panelists Matt Blesso, Mark Ginsberg, and Mark Strauss, as well as the presentation of new work by Deborah Gans; Theo. David’s proposal for the redesign of the Old GSP Area in Nicosia (pictured at left) was featured on ArchDaily; John di Domenico’s firm has just opened a new DC office; work on Board Member Winka Dubbeldam’s Ports1961 flagship in Paris is just wrapping up; as the 50th anniversary of the publication of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities approaches, Anthony Flint reflects on the book’s legacy; John Hoal presented a draft plan for the reinvention of University City’s Parkview Gardens neighborhood, while construction on Chouteau Park, also designed by Hoal, got underway in nearby St. Louis; Patricia Lancaster joined NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate as a clinical professor; Charles McKinney spoke with DNAinfo.com about the NYC Parks Department’s selection of lanscape architect David Kamp for the design of a new city park, Sutton Place South; Norman Weinstein called Board President Michael Sorkin’s All Over the Map “a triumph of enlightened nay-saying and affirmation” in a review at ArchNewsNow; Michael Stepner published a letter in support of the San Diego Symphony’s plan to revamp their entrance and re-engage the street; KERA interviewed Peter Walker about “what makes a landscape a beautiful, pleasing, and functional space”; and work by Hank White is featured in the new book Shore Décor: Design at the Water’s Edge.

On the Books

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Board President Michael Sorkin’s All Over the Map was just reviewed by Archidose’s John Hill; Frederick Steiner recently sat down to chat with The Daily Texan about his new book Design for a Vulnerable Planet; and an award-winning proposal by Barbara Wilks is featured in the new book Gateway: Visions for an Urban National Park, which was edited by Jamie Hand and Kate Orff, and released by Olympia Kazi’s Van Alen Institute.

Fellows’ Awards & Honors: Berke, Boddy, David, Sassen, & Wong

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The Kentucky Society of Architects presented Deborah Berke with one of their 2011 Honor Awards for the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville; “Mega + Micro: Canada, Invention at the Extremes,” by Trevor Boddy, has been shortlisted for the best architectural criticism published worldwide in the past three years for the 2011 CICA Awards; Theo. David’s Gladstonos 22 housing development (pictured at left) has been shortlisted in the housing category of the 2011 World Architecture Festival; Board Member Saskia Sassen was named as the first Visiting Fellow of Indiana University’s Framing the Global project; and John Wong’s SWA Group was announced as the winner of a competition to re-design the downtown lakefront in the rapidly-developing city of Suzhou, China.

Fellows in the News: Arad, Chin, Dattner, Dixon, Fowle, Greenberg, Holl, Jahn, Orff, & Venturi

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Steve Rosenbaum spoke with Michael Arad about the 9/11 Memorial and his role in the reconstruction of Ground Zero (of which the Daily Mail released some fantastic construction photos); Susan Chin appears in a video from a recent University of Chicago panel on the role of architecture in building cultural vitality; Richard Dattner’s PlayCubes (pictured at left) were revisited by the Playscapes blog; David Dixon is developing a comprehensive 20-year master plan for tornado-ravaged Birmingham, Alabama; Architectural Record looks at how Bruce Fowle turned his firm’s office into a veritable art gallery; Ken Greenberg released a study with recommendations for the future of a busy stretch of Toronto’s Yonge Street; Lebbeus Woods wrote an enthusiastic piece on Patron Steven Holl’s Vanke Center in Shenzhen; Chicago Magazine‘s Whet Moser called Helmut Jahn’s Mansueto Library a “[serious] reading room for the digital age”; Elle named Kate Orff as one of their Inspirational Women of 2011; and Domus featured archi-horoscopes by Dan Graham, including one on Cancerian IfUD Patron Robert Venturi.