Fellows’ Events & Exhibits: October 15-31, 2011

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Board Member Saskia Sassen will participate in the Columbia GSAPP’s Injured Cities Conference on 10/14-15; Barbara Wilks will give a talk at the New York Botanical Garden’s Midtown Education Center on 10/24; Board Member Enrique Norten will speak at the Pratt Institute on 10/24 in conjunction with the new exhibit Breaking Borders: New Latin American Architecture; Richard Sennett will join the Institute for Public Knowledge’s discussion of the new publication Living in the Endless City in New York on 10/25; Jack Nyman’s Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute will host the symposium The Waterfront: A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change on 10/26; Deborah Berke will talk about Development, Design and Financing Strategies for Urban Revitalization Using Hospitality and the Arts at the ULI Fall Conference on 10/26; Board Member Toni Griffin will visit Notre Dame University on 10/26 to deliver the lecture Can Planning Save the City: Facing the Challenges of Urban America; Olympia Kazi will host Board Member Thom Mayne at Van Alen Books on 10/28 for a presentation on his new book, Combinatory Urbanism; Board Member Winka Dubbeldam is on the Host Committee for the Storefront for Art & Architecture’s Critical Halloween party on 10/29; and Tom Angotti will participate in the panel Where is New York? Apparitions at Willets Point at the Columbia GSAPP on 10/31.

Fellows’ Events & Exhibitions: July 1-14, 2011

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Board Member Saskia Sassen will deliver the keynote address at Lift France 11 in Marseille on 7/7; Board Member Tami Hausman will participate in the Center for Architecture panel discussion The Pitch: A Hands-On Workshop on Attracting a Client in Two Minutes or Less on 7/11; Board Member Thom Mayne will participate in the Van Alen Institute’s Los Angeles panel [PDF] for their Life at the Speed of Rail program on 7/12; and you can see BOB, a public art installation (pictured at left) designed by a team led by Galia Solomonoff, at Columbia University in Manhattan through 7/25.

Fellows’ Events & Exhibitions: March 1-15, 2011

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

On 3/2, Patron Steven Holl will deliver the First Annual Raimund Abraham Memorial Lecture in Los Angeles; Board Member Winka Dubbeldam will celebrate the completion of her new book Archi-Tectonics (pictured at left) with a launch party in NYC on 3/4; that same day, Anthony Flint will speak at Connecticut College’s Smart Growth Conference; also on 3/4, Board Member Saskia Sassen will participate in Housing Conference 2011 in Istanbul; the exhibit Nordic Models + Common Ground, curated by Craig Dykers’ Snøhetta at New York’s Scandanavia House, will close on 3/9; Michael Manfredi will deliver the lecture Surface/Subsurface at URI Kingston on 3/10; Dykers will speak at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts on 3/14; Jack Nyman will host the conference Banking on the Future: A New Paradigm for Rebuilding Our Nation’s Infrastructure in New York on 3/14; and a new exhibit of work by Daniel Libeskind, Architecture as a Language, has just opened at the Wroclaw Museum of Architecture in Poland, and will be on view through 5/16.

Fellows’ Events & Exhibitions: February 15-28, 2011

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Urban Omnibus will host a benefit party tonight in New York, including an auction featuring work by Linda Pollak (pictured at left); on 2/17, Fellows Bruce Fowle and Jack Nyman will participate in the conference Greening Modernism at Baruch College in Manhattan; Laurie Kerr will speak at the Center for Architecture’s Building Intelligence Project: Think Tank New York on 2/18; and if you missed Gregg Pasquarelli’s recent lecture on SHoP’s current work, the Architectural League has posted a podcast of the talk.

Coney Island Historic District Threatened

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Fellow Stuart Pertz is working to save from demolition four buildings within the Coney Island Historic District, which was just determined eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places (check out photos at ScoutNY). Pertz is one of several people currently organizing a forum, set for September 17th at the CUNY Graduate Center, to discuss ways in which the preservation of historic buildings could provide the foundation for the redevelopment of Coney Island as a heritage destination. The group is looking for suggestions of panelists familiar with these types of projects across the USA and around the world.  This could include a) developers who have participated in similar projects; b) academics who have documented successful examples of such projects; and/or c) preservationists who can show the ease with which historic buildings can be restored and integrated with new construction. If you have any ideas for participants, please email us at info@ifud.org and we will get you in touch with Stuart.

MAS Schedules Land Use Conference

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The Municipal Arts Society of New York will host a day-long conference Land Use & Local Voices: Is the City’s Land Use Process in Need of Reform?, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM next Wedesday, July 21. The event’s panels will explore various perspectives on New York City’s land use process and consider proposals to improve it. As the IfUD’s next Breakfast Club, scheduled for the following Wednesday, July 28, will cover the city’s ongoing charter revision process as it pertains to land use and project approvals, Fellows may want to attend the MAS event to bone up on their land use knowledge in advance!