If there is a way, each kayak owner would keep their kayak without any scratch to the hulls. In reality, this is not possible because whenever you are using a kayak, there would be a scratch or a dent. However, don’t lose hope because most of the kayaks are resilient and you can keep it safe if you do regular maintenance. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the best way to take kayak care and maintenance in both pre-season and in-season. Let put your sleeves up and read the article.

1. Pre-Season Kayak Maintenance

Kayak Care & MaintenanceWhen you are bringing out your kayak after a long break from the storage, you don’t want it to be broken from last year’s adventure. In that case, you need to make sure the kayak is in good shape by doing the following maintenance:

Check out the hull for damage: Since you are storing your kayak for a long time in the storage, you must ensure that there is no damage to the hull. In that case, giving heat to a depressed hull would help in regaining its original shape. It will also make sure there is no damage in the hull. So, just leave it on the sun for a whole day to get back its original shape.

Conduct an inspection of the rigging: In case of a kayak, there are three things you must keep an eye on. These are the hardware, bungees, and the perimeter lines. If there is any defect in the shape of these things, your kayak might not last long. Moreover, UV radiation is the biggest reason for a deterioration for plastic-pad eyes. It also destroys the bungee lines as well. Therefore, it would be wise to fix any issues regarding these things as it might not put you in danger out on the water.

Make sure to change the older parts or accessories: In pre-season, you have time for changing the older parts or accessories such as the seat or bulkhead. In addition, you should think long and hard and find out what things you want to change for your kayak. In this way, you will have a fantastic kayak for adventure on the sea.

Restock and refill everything: Another preseason must is to restock and refill everything from the first aid kit to emergency repair kit and bailout bag. Note that restocking is significant if you want to spend a relaxing season with your kayak.

2. In-season Kayak Maintenance

Kayak Care & MaintenanceTake a kayak cart to cover up the kayak: Now, we are going to discuss the in-season kayak maintenance. If you are taking the yak on the ground, it will weaken the material from the bottom. The worst thing that could happen is there can be holes, which you must repair from a special shop. In that case, if you buy a kayak cart, then you might have a chance to save your precious kayak.

Do regular cleaning of the kayak: Many people think that a kayak has to look shiny and new always. But this is not the case because what you should do always is clean the kayak properly.

In this way, you could remove the grime and salt from the kayak. Ultimately, you will be able to avoid any corrosion on the hull. Even you can stop mold from growing on the kayak. So, whenever you have come from an outing with your kayak, just spray down the interior and exterior. It will be enough to keep your kayak clean.

Protect the kayak from the sun: The last thing you have to do is to protect the kayak from the sun. If you leave the kayak on the sun, it will affect the color. In fact, it will weaken the plastic and expose it to cracking. So, avoid leaving your kayak on the sun for a long time.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is doing the above-mentioned maintenance will only enhance the lifespan of the kayak. So, let us know if you want to add something by leaving a comment below.